CU Online + Logging on Guide

  1. Enter  your USERNAME
  2. Enter your PASSWORD
  3. A unique ONE TIME PASS CODE (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone – you must enter this and approve it
  4. Enter your PIN. Please note that your PIN will only be required the first time you log into CU Online +
  5.  You will be asked to create a MEMORABLE WORD. This will allow you to re-set your password if you lose/forget it


Important Information:

  • Please ensure that your correct MOBILE PHONE NUMBER is registered on your LCU account
  • You will be issued a OTP every time you log on. Please ensure that you are using the correct OTP as your mobile phone will record every OTP message that you recieve
  • If you have “Auto-fill” or “Saved Passwords/Pins” please ensure that they do not automatically enter incorrect details when you input the OTP.