Loan Myth Busters

How easy is it to get a loan from Lisduggan Credit Union?

Sometimes what you hear in on the street is old news! Getting a loan is quite simple really and you may be surprised to know that how things have changed!!

  • Myth 1: I can only borrow double my savings.
  • Answer: Your ability to pay is the main factor in your loan application. We treat each loan on it’s own merits.


  • Myth 2: I need to be saving for several months when I open an account.
  • Answer: While a savings record is an advantage you don’t have to wait for months to apply for a loan.You can apply as soon as you are accepted for membership.


  • Myth 3: My application has to go to a credit committee so I may be waiting a week for a decision.
  • Answer: Most loan applications have a decision within 24-48 hours and can be dealt with by our dedicated team of loan officers!


So there you have it!

Straight forward loans with a quick decision. Want more information? See our loan page: