The Credit Union Difference

The savings invested in Lisduggan District Credit Union is loaned out to members of the local community to help meet their everyday needs. We are not for profit – any surplus is returned to the member’s by way of a yearly dividend.

While we continue to honour the traditional Credit Union ethos, we realise that the needs of our member’s our changing. That’s why we have significantly upgraded our IT capability to offer a more modern suite of services – and we will continue to do so going forward.


Why Join Us?

  1. Straight-forward Savings Accounts
  2. Affordable Lending
  3. Online Services—accessible from your phone
  4. 2 Offices

…and more

  1. Flexible opening hours
  2. Electronic Funds Transfer
  3. Great deals on Insurance
  4. Foreign Exchange
  5. Bill Pay Service
  6. Free Loan Protection & Life Savings Insurance
  7. Death Benefit Insurance