Covered by Savings Loan

Lisduggan Credit Union’s Covered by Savings Loan allows you to borrow up to the value of your savings at a discounted interest rate whilst still earning interest on your savings.

We appreciate that it can take a long time to build up savings, so when it comes to making a big purchase you might be reluctant to use these savings whilst leaving no funds available to meet any future unexpected expenses. Our Covered by Savings Loan is a cost-effective way to access funds while leaving your savings untouched and available for future needs.

Rate: 6% (6.18% APR*)



  • Our lowest interest rate on offer
  • Most people find it easier to repay a loan than replace savings
  • On the spot approval – Current Photo I.D. and Proof of Address must be provided
  • Continue to earn any future interest in your savings account
  • Our Covered by Shares Loan is not restricted to any particular loan purpose
  • Our Covered by Shares Loan means you won’t dip into your savings because you cannot withdraw the secured amount until your loan is fully repaid
  • Convenient payment options available – pay by standing order, debit card or at our offices


Loan Calculator

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