EFT Services

Lisduggan Credit Union can now offer you a number of EFT Services (Electronic Funds Transfer) online and in branch.


EFT From your Bank to your Credit Union

Simply supply your bank with your Credit Union account number, BIC and IBAN to set up a regular standing order or for once off transfers. You can also use these details to make the transfer through on-line banking.

These details are available upon request from Lisduggan Credit Union


EFT From your Credit Union to your Bank Account

Drop into one of our branches with the BIC and IBAN details of the bank account that you wish to transfer funds to.

We can transfer savings or pay an approved loan into an account of your choosing.

Please ensure that you have the correct details when conducting a transfer as such transactions cannot be reversed.

Funds transferred before 11.30am will be available in your bank account by close of business that day. Transfers after this time will be available in your bank account by close of business on the following day.

Register for CU Online+ and you can avail of our EFT services  without having to visit our office.


Regular Bill Payment

You can now set up a recurring payment to an external bank account from your credit union account.

  • The payment must be for the same set amount each time
  • Payments can have an open ended timescale or be for a limited duration
  • Adequate funds must be maintained in the account to meet the payment
  • Can be used for:
    • City Council Rent
    • Nursing Home Fees
    • A regular payment to another individual
  • The IBAN and BIC numbers of the relevant account are required along with any reference number/account number that will identify the payment.
  • Please note that we cannot offer utility bill payments due to the variable payment amounts