Consolidation Loan

Save €€€€€ with a Consolidation Loan


  • Tired of High Interest Rate Loans?
  • Does your Credit Card Bill never seem to reduce?
  • Want to save yourself some money?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” then we can help.

With a Consolidation Loan from Lisduggan Credit Union you can eliminate costly credit card bills and consolidate your debts into one affordable payment.

  • Provide proof of the required debt(s) you wish to consolidate – bank statement, credit card bill etc
  • Provide proof of income and apply for your loan
  • If approved the loan will be made payable by cheque(s) to clear your other debts.


If you would like a  consolidation loan you can follow any one of these easy steps:


We aim to give a decision within 24-48 hours. Some applications may take longer to process due to insurance requirements.