Make the Change!

Now is the Time to Make the Change!

If you are a customer of Provident Personal Credit, you may have heard that they have ceased issuing new personal loans  from 10th May 2021.

So why not take advantage of the amazing savings that a Credit Union loan has to offer!!


A €500 from LCU will cost you €13.56

A €500 from Provident Credit would have cost you €150

A €500 from a moneylender will cost you????????  More than just interest…………..


That’s  €136.44 extra in your pocket when you borrow from LCU!!!


Provident Credit* Lisduggan Credit Union
Loan €500 €500
Terms 26 weeks 26 weeks
Repayments €25 €20
Total to Repay €650 €513.56
Total Interest €150 €13.56
APR 187.2% APR 11.05% APR



Based on a €500, 6 mth variable interest rate loan with 26 weekly repayments of €20.00,  an interest rate of 10.5%, a representative APR of 11.05%; the total amount payable by the member is €513.56

Information correct as at 1st May 2021. Source

Loans are subject to approval. Lending Terms and Conditions apply



How a Loan from LCU works:

  • If you are in receipt of a weekly social welfare payment or mthly children’s allowance, you can have your benefits paid directly into your credit union account.
  • Your loan repayment will be automatically deducted, and the remainder of your money lodged to your savings. This can then be withdrawn on demand.
  • With two offices in Lisduggan and Portlaw you can make loan applications and access your savings Mon-Friday.